About The Event

The Myall Classic is a major ultramarathon event, the second event on the PNSW untramarathon calendar. It is held on the Myall River at Tea Gardens each September, taking both competitive and recreational paddlers up the Myall River and return.

There are a range of distances and starting times, intended to see all paddlers complete their chosen course by early afternoon, and in time for Presentations at 2:45pm.

Competitive distances offered are 12km, 27km and the premier 47km course is seen as a perfect shakedown for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic held in late October.

Due to its protected nature, the Myall Classic is a safe, scenic though testing event in the largely unspoilt Great Lakes Marine Park. Conditions can vary considerably though the usual scenario presents paddlers with clear blue skies and warm weather.

Safety is a primary concern for the organisers, and Marine Rescue and the S.E.S. have been an integral part of the event over recent years.

Paddlers have exclusive use of the river for the event, allowing largely uninterrupted use of the waterway for the entire journey.

The event is a major tourism drawcard for the region, and paddlers are encouraged to make a weekend of it by booking into local accommodation and supporting local facilities.

Three open competition course distances are:

  • 47km course to Tamboy, and return.
  • 27km course to Engels Reach pontoon, and return.
  • 12 km course to a Tamboi Queen Jetty, and return.

Special Student Challenge Course

  • 27km course to Engels Reach pontoon and return, 9.30am start only.

Paddlers can select from 2 start times for each of the open 47km and 27km distances. Slower paddlers (who paddle at speeds less than 10kmh average) MUST start in the earlier start for each distance.

Myall Classic organisers reserve the right to make changes to any participant’s requested starting time, distance or craft, in the interests of safety.

According to our Aquatic Licence, RMS NSW requires that paddlers not meeting minimum time/progress requirements turn around and return to the finish. This instruction will be conveyed to paddlers by safety personnel along the course.

The event is conducted regardless of tide flow, so race times for the event can vary significantly from year to year. The weather can also be quite variable in September, though the usual pattern is for calm mornings and an easterly breeze in the afternoon.

The river itself is picturesque, free of other watercraft (we have exclusive use of the waterway for this event) and predominantly within the Myall Lakes National Park. There are no facilities for replenishment of supplies or assistance from land crews so paddlers must be self-sufficient for the entire event.

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