The Myall Classic presents many challenges to both uninitiated and experienced paddler.

The Seat

Those accustomed to paddling longer events will agree that your seat is the most important thing to get right. As you build up to paddling longer distances, ensure that you are comfortable after paddling 30km without stopping. A seat that causes pain or back problems should be modified to make it comfortable, as every person’s anatomy is different. A backrest is not necessarily a benefit, and can prevent rotation and lead to poor posture.


Clothing needs for the Myall Classic will vary with weather conditions and temperature. The first rule of paddling clothing is to avoid cotton. Cotton when wet absorbs body heat, leading to dangerous lowering of core temperature in adverse conditions. Wear synthetic or wool. A Myall Classic rashie is a great starting point.

Prepare for your event by testing several clothing options, bearing in mind that protection from the sun should be a major consideration. Determine what works best at given temperatures so you know what to wear on the day. Wear a hat or cap, and sunblock. And rub vaseline or gurney goo on body parts that are subject to rubbing on clothing or your boat.


Once again, test your paddling food before the event, and under paddling conditions. Have food you can consume while under way, so you don’t have to stop at the river’s edge to eat. And ensure it sits well in the stomach. Paddlers can consume 50g carbs and 15g protein and up to 600ml water an hour in warm conditions. There is a great deal of information in the internet about nutrition. Conduct your own tests and find out what works best for you.

Your boat

47km is a long way in a slow boat, but even longer if you take a swim. Choose a boat that gives you the best mix of comfort and speed, with just enough stability for your ability. Conditions can get a bit blowy in the afternoon, so a more stable boat could be beneficial but is not essential.


You will enjoy your Myall Classic more if you have done some training. ‘The more you put in, the more you get out’.

As you are working out your food, clothing and craft, begin to paddle longer distances without stopping. You should be aiming to paddle up to 30km non-stop leading up to the event, meaning you will need to carry some food and water with you when you train.

If you are new to paddling, try and get some coaching from a PNSW accredited coach to help you master the best paddling technique.

When you are out training, work on fitness and strength. For fitness, try longer distances maintaining the same speed for the whole distance (so don’t start off too fast). For strength, do a series of shorter sprints at near your maximum effort. Get your heart rate up. Build on that and as you progress enjoy the improvement in your fitness and speed.


8 months 1 week ago

Found after the race:
1x lifejacket and 1x spray deck. Probably from a Uni team boat. May have been deliberately left in the park.
Contact if you are the owner.

10 months 7 hours ago

And now, compare the results from our backup results system Webscorer.
We will be using this system next year.
And the event next year is on the 22nd September.
All the horror stories about the tides seemed unjustified as there was plenty of assistance on the way back for most of the distance. Oh no, I can feel a rap coming on....

10 months 1 day ago

After making many adjustments for incorrect entries and paddlers starting in the wrong start waves, we have a pretty close approximation to accurate results. Thanks for your patience. Final results will be published as soon as they are confirmed.
To all the paddlers who completed the 2017 Myall classic....well done. Conditions were not nearly as bad as predicted. Those who missed the event missed a great days (often close) racing.

10 months 2 days ago

2017 event photos from Ian Wrenford taken at the6km turn can be seen here

10 months 1 week ago

One week to go, and over 250 paddlers registered already. Weather forecast looks pretty good, temps of 8 - 25 with a bit of late westerly wind. Some scattered cloud cover but no rain forecast.
Paddlers please remember your mobile phone. Doesn't need to be in a pouch; any watertight container will do, as it is for emergency use only.
Some paddlers will be using the Glympse app so event managers can track their progress through the race. We're looking to track all paddlers in future events, but the limiting factor at the moment is phone battery life, so we'd rather you save your phone for an emergency call instead.
Looking for one more safety boat volunteer observer, plus any spare hands setting up early on Saturday morning would be appreciated.
See you there!

10 months 3 weeks ago

We welcome Lazy Paddles as our sponsors. Check out the special offer in your race bag.

10 months 4 weeks ago

This is for social paddlers, partners of paddlers and friends. How would you like to see the race from out on the water? Cheer them on!
We paddle out from the race start site about 9.30 to take up a good vantage spot up the river. Paddle for about 5 - 8 kilometers or a couple of hours to enjoy this beautiful waterway. The River Canoe Club have kindly offered to bring a fleet of their sea kayaks for you to use. Everything will be supplied, and if not already a member, join up for this single event and pay a small fee of $20. Wear sun safe clothes and shoes you can swim in, and the Club will supply the rest for those who REGISTER with the before Monday September 11.
Sunday is a great day to explore downstream, past shipwrecks, sandbars and pristine tidal estuaries.
'Lazy Paddles' have boats for hire for the Sunday paddle.

10 months 4 weeks ago

As the entries start to flow in for this iconic if you have a partner or buddy coming along and not paddling. Ask them to volunteer lunch will be provided. Check out the roles available and signup online

11 months 2 weeks ago

2017 Myall entries are OPEN! Register now after you read the paddlers information on the Myall website and then go to to register.