Volunteers are the backbone of our not-for-profit sporting association. Your volunteer contribution underwrites the success of an event in many ways.
We need the following volunteers to make our event successful:

Role Time required Volunteer/s
2x IRB safety boat drivers (7.30am – 3.00pm)
2x Safety boat observers (7.30am – 3.00pm)
2x race craft scrutineers (7.30qm – 11.00am)
2x race registration assistants (6.30am – 10.15am)
1 x traffic manager  (6.30am – 3.00pm)
2x finishing staff for finishers medals and number board collection (12.00pm – 2.30pm)
2 x catering staff for volunteers  (10.00am – 2.00pm)
1 x signage volunteer (required Friday for 2 hrs to post river closure signs)
2x Results co-ordinators (organising medal presentations)
1x Trainee Myall Classic Race Manager (so Tony can have a paddle again!)
 1x Safety Officer (6.30am – 3.30pm)
1x Race Entry Manager (you don’t have to look like Bob, but it helps!) (6 weeks leading up to event)
Photographers aplenty…you will be able to load your photos onto the website
Finish spotters (binocular friendly)  (12.30pm – 2.30pm)
A race finish commentator (12.00pm – 2.30pm)

While your paddle buddy is out racing, why not get involved in another way and be rewarded with contributing to an amazing event.

We’d love to have you volunteer. Please complete the form and we’ll be in contact with you.

or contact myallclassic@paddleNSW.org.au if you are able to assist

To the volunteers for 2016
Bob Turner managed the event entry system with remarkable patience, guiding paddlers through the AC entry system with great success.
Anne Cowper once again provided exceptional race timing services alongside Bob, and also managed the registration process before the starts.

Toby Hogbin hand-crafted our trophies again for 2016. His quality workmanship matches his paddling prowess, coming in first outright and smashing the doubles record in the process.
Nigel Weekes was always there organising parking, assisting with event setup and running errands.
Alanna Ewin organised all the volunteer’s and paddlers food, and distributed it with the able assistance of Margaret Heine. She was also a deft hand on the camera.
Roger Deane of Hawkesbury Canoe Classic fame stepped up to manage Race Safety, for which we are very grateful.

Owen Walton and Murray Reece manned one PNSW IRB safety boat (following a stint doing scrutineering), while Clayton Anderson and Rob Hardy took the other safety boat to the top turn at Tamboy.

Carmen and Jason Cooper were roped in as they enjoyed a relaxing day in the sunshine, to present finishers medallions and collect race numbers.
And to the unsung heroes, the crews of the Marine Rescue and SES safety boats, without whom the event could not run. A big thank you. They give their time week after week to train and respond to emergencies.
There are many more, including the Lane Cove paddlers who helped with all sorts of logistical hurdles. You know who you are!
Thank you all.
Team PaddleNSW Myall Classic

P.S. And to the two obliging dolphins that frolicked just metres from the park, justifying their inclusion on the Myall Classic logo. Lucky you turned up!

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